About Us

What makes a great Travel Agency? Our Team of Travel Experts, of Course!

ReachONE Travel specializes in international travel including ministry/missionary/humanitarian travel, group travel for churches and mission groups (such as Work & Witness and The JESUS Film), cruises, vacation packages, and anything else you might need.

We are skilled at both individual and group travel especially to the following world areas:

Africa, Papua New Guinea, South America, Mexico, Europe, Asia and more . . . including many destinations that are known for their very limited access.

Our combined expertise and passion give the ReachONE Travel team an unparalleled ability and love for serving all travelers regardless of destination . . . ensuring each traveler we are providing the best fares possible.

Here is a quick intro to each member of our team of travel experts . . .



Marla has been the manager of ReachONE Travel since 1999. Her heart for helping others drives her to ensure she is always providing the best fares possible—allowing more teams to travel while freeing up more of the team’s money to be put back into the mission field.




Cheri loves travel and her goal is to ensure every individual, family or group has the travel experience of a lifetime no matter where in the world their travels take them. Papua New Guinea & Europe are her specialties.




Since joining our team, Heather has brought with her the energy and heart for serving groups,
families and individuals whose mission is serving others. Her enthusiasm drives her search for the
best travel options available to meet each client’s needs.





“I wanted to thank you again for the guidance on holding our tickets and waiting to see if we can get 3 more people to fill those spots. This kind of treatment has not been my experience in the past with travel agents. It is gaining your company a very good reputation with people that I talk with about mission trips. I appreciate your willingness to work with me.”

- C. M. (California Pastor)