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Happy New Year to all.

I am writing this note with very mixed feelings today.
After nearly 20 years working with all of you, we are closing our travel agency.
Retirement and grand parenting are the next step for us now.

So many of you have become such close friends and prayer partners during my time here – thank you for this blessing!
We have now removed our quote, payment and other links from our website.
Our local phone number will remain open at least through this month with only a voice mail available.

I will be back in the office part time, after January 9th through the end of the month to finish up anything still pending.

For those of you we are currently working with, I will contact you directly.
I am unfortunately not able to answer the work phone, it has been going to voice mail.  I will be checking my emails regularly throughout the day so that is the best option to reach me if you would like help obtaining a quote, need to follow up or need me to contact you.

I do have another agency already set up to help our clients and I can refer you to them.  They have a similar heart for the mission field.

They have already set up two teams of agents to help with the following types of quotes just for our clients:

  • missionary, humanitarian travel (1-9 passengers)
  • humanitarian, mission related group travel (10 or more team members)
  • adoption travel

If you would like to me to send your contact information to them along with your new quote requests, please just let me know: 

We have worked side by side with this agency for nearly 15 years and I know they will take good care of you.

Thank you again for the many years of support and encouragement.

Blessings to all and thank you for the many levels of ministry you have ALL served.
Remember that your mission field is to all of those you see on a daily basis – no matter where you currently are.
*Where you live, work, play, school, shopping, church and just your daily walk.

This statement was given to me at G.A. many years ago, I would like to leave you with this encouragement:
“Do everything in the awareness that you are in the presence of GOD, and with the knowledge that someone is making lifelong decisions simply by watching you.”

God Bless you all,

Marla Vinzant
Reach ONE Travel